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The Homestead
The Filzkowski/Felckowski Homestead was established in 1883.

The farm is located in Central Wisconsin. As immigrants from Poland the Felckowski family grew/raised all the food necessary to survive and the extra was sold at the local "Farm Market".

During the late 1950's the farm became a producer of milk primarily for Wisconsin Cheese. At present the land is used for cash crops.
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Genealogy since Poland
Martin & Katarzyna Filz/Filzkowski purchased the property in 1883.

Felix & Mary(Bukowski) Filzkowski generation started in 1907.

Dominic B. & Florence C.(Kawleski) Felckowski generation started in 1909 with the marriage taking place in 1947.

Myron M. Felckowski, David D. Felckowski, Bill & Bernice B.(Felckowski) Jenkin and Bernie B. & Cheryl Felckowski generation holding the family reins in 2002-2003.

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